Dermaheal is the leading brand of Korean mesotherapy and cosmetic products. Manufactured by one of the Asian giants in the beauty industry – Caregen, this is one of the most wholesome lines of meso and beauty care solutions offered on the global market. The Dermaheal brand includes an extensive range of products meant from general skin care, hair care and mesotherapy treatment, to specialized injectable products for dealing with specific hair products.

The main line of products is the mesotherapy solutions. Dermaheal offers proprietary cocktails of vitamins, amino-acids, minerals, growth factors and other nutrients and skin rejuvenating substances. With Dermaheal, beauty experts can fully revitalize the skin of their clients, while doctors can boost the overall health and condition of their patient’s skin. With Dermaheal it is possible to deal with problems like bad skin hydration, malnourished skin, premature aging, wrinkles and skin lines, caused by environmental factors. But further, Dermaheal includes products that can be used to stop and reverse hair loss, strengthening the follicle and the hair, stopping the natural process of hair loss, as well as stress or health issues related loss of hair.

The Dermaheal line pays special attention to dealing with skin tone and color problems, including overall skin brightening and prevention of melatonin hyperproduction and skin hyperpigmentation. Further specialized solutions can be applied for dealing with related problems like eye bags and/or dark circles under the eyes.

Outside of that, this beauty line from Caregen, also includes one of the best lipo products on the market. With the Dermaheal LL, fat tissues can be safely and naturally dissolved, via a non-aggressive by highly effective solutions. This enables for lasting and effective removal of fat cells from the body.

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