GANA CH (Calcium + HA filler)


Did you know that a patient-friendly cosmetic rejuvenation treatment done with world-class soft-tissue fillers is now even more risk-free and reliable? GAHA CH is the driving force behind that. It is a new-generation Hyaluronic Acid filler that does not cause swelling or discomfort. Also, it considerably reduces the appearance of wrinkles and folds and delivers balanced facial sculpting since it is also infused with high-quality calcium hydroxyapatite. Get it via Skin Heal.

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What comes in the package?

We, from Skin Heal, distribute GANA CH in a well-sealed box that has all safety and quality markings. Inside every package of this optimized skin filler is a disposable 1.2 ml syringe which is prefilled with the implant gel. The product itself contains health-friendly cross-linked HA (95%), stable calcium hydroxyapatite (5%) and lidocaine (3 mg/cc). Since this product is also a certified medical device, it needs to be used only by vetted and qualified plastic surgeons or aesthetic dermatologists. Before the procedure, the target area needs to be thoroughly cleaned. After attaching the aesthetic needle to the syringe, the medical practitioner can proceed to apply the product in the deep dermis. Every injection session lasts about 20 minutes and after it, patients do not experience downtime or long-term severe side effects.

Treatment and injection sites

GANA CH is a popular skin filler because it smoothens the skin to correct wrinkles and it also does an amazing job at instantly restoring lost volume or reshaping certain facial areas. The trusted international company behind this potent cosmetic rejuvenation product, GANA R&D, has developed it to specifically target and correct the following zones:

  • Chin
  • Forehead
  • Nose

Maintenance treatments will eventually be required but with а durability of 2-3 years, patients will have the opportunity to enjoy their rejuvenated look for a longer time.

Additional information

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