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Stylage S is a quality dermal filler that was designed and produced by a Laboratories VIVACY. It is part of the company’s Classic Range of products and it uses the one-of-a-kind properties of cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid IPN-like to correct superficial facial lines. Since it contains the antioxidant agent Mannitol which slows down the natural decomposition of the injected HA, effects after each treatment are exceptionally durable.

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An advanced fine line and wrinkle removal solution

“Unique” – a word which perfectly describes VIVACY’s pioneering skin filler Stylage S. The qualities of this cosmetic rejuvenation product provide high satisfaction for both patients and clinicians. It offers an instant yet long-lasting correction of superficial lines and wrinkles for several good reasons:

  • Contains Mannitol – A health-friendly antioxidant agent that successfully retains the psysico-chemical properties of the HA that is injected into the patient’s skin, prolonging the effects of the procedure.
  • IPN-Like Technology – The elasticity and viscosity of the gel are perfectly optimized for the treatment of lines in the superficial dermis which ensures aesthetically-natural results.
  • Non-permanent – The product is biodegradable, meaning that it will gradually dissolve in the tissue in a natural manner.
  • Fully Compliant with International Safety Standards – Before hitting the shelves, this first-rate HA filler undergoes rigorous testing and manual control to guarantee that it offers a high level of purity.

What types of facial imperfections can Stylage S treat?

VIVACY has developed this trusted soft-tissue filler specifically for the correction of thin and shallow lines and wrinkles such as frown lines between the eyebrows, perioral and periorbital wrinkles, fine cheek lines, marionette lines, as well as for the treatment of dark circles under the eye. The average duration after a treatment is about 9 months.

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