GANA DA (10 x 5ml)

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Part of GANA R&D’s top-rated cosmetics range, GANA DA is a risk-free lipolysis injection that is especially suitable for the non-surgical correction of double chin. This patient-friendly fat-dissolving product can be also injected into various parts of the body (e.g. thighs, abdomen, etc.) where it will easily remove stubborn fat deposits. Rely on us, from Skin Heal, if you want to purchase this dependable DA-based fat-melting injection at a fair price.

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Instant double chin correction

GANA DA’s secret for success is that it contains 10mg/mL of Deoxycholic acid – a cutting-edge ingredient that has been approved by the FDA for the minimally-invasive treatment of excessive submental fat (double chin). When injected under the skin, it eliminates fat cells and dissolves fat deposits in zones that are slow to respond to exercise or dieting. Usually, one treatment with this groundbreaking lipolysis product is made up of 3 or 4 injection sessions, each of which is carried out within a month from the others. The advantages of this new-generation fat-dissolving solution are that it:

  • Does not require an extensive recovery period (if any)
  • Involves a time-efficient and almost painless procedure
  • Is more effective than most other weight loss treatments
  • Does not cost a fortune

Other uses of GANA DA

This first-class fat-resolving injection can also be applied one various other zones of the body:

  • Thighs – a maximum of 5 vials for each
  • Abdomen – 5 vials at the most
  • Hips – 5 vials for each at the most
  • Upper arms – a maximum of 3 vials for each arm

Patients will notice the first effects of the treatment shortly after they have had their third injection session. To reduce the risk of side effects, they should avoid smoking, sunbathing, alcohol consumption and hot temperatures (including hot water) for 3-7 days after each procedure.

Additional information

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