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Eyebags and dark circles affect people of almost all ages but with GANA Eye, this cosmetic problem can be swiftly corrected. GANA R&D’s groundbreaking filler injection offers an affordable way to safely reduce puffiness and dark circles appearing in the zone under the eyes. We, from Skin Heal, are among the top distributors of this highly-rated mesotherapy solution.

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Effective non-surgical eyebags treatment

GANA Eye is applied via injection directly in the problem zones of the skin. That is done through a time-efficient, pain-free and minimally-invasive procedure but the effects are long-lasting and guaranteed. This is due to the presence of L-carnitine and Acetyl tetrapeptide-5 in its cutting-edge formula. The former is an excellent skin booster since it stimulates the formation of blood vessels, collagen, and dermal cells. The latter, on the other hand, will visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles and eyebags because it has hard-to-match moisturizing and calming effects. This first-class filler injection also contains a Phosphate buffer solution which improves and maintains pH levels and, by doing so, it helps the product to deliver safer and more natural-looking results.


Board-certified cosmetic surgeons and experienced dermatologists should only use GANA Eye to treat patients who are 21 and over. Since this trusted skin filler has been developed by GANA R&D to specifically and exclusively treat the zone under the eyes, it must not be applied to other areas of the face, neck and the body. This impressive eyebags removal injection is not recommended for the treatment of people who:

  • Have diabetes, hematological or oncological conditions
  • Are sensitive to its ingredients
  • Have irritations, wounds, inflammations or cuts on or around the target injection points
  • Are underage

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