Glowing Fill Half (1 x 1ml)


Non-surgical lip enhancement through HA-based dermal fillers is no longer painful nor does it hide risks of unnatural or overfilled results and Glowing Fill Half is the reason for that. Developed by dependable South Korean manufacturer in innovative laboratories, this durable lip injection just hit the market. Skin Heal is here to give you early access to the impressive cosmetic rejuvenation and facial contouring abilities of this exceptional product.

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What makes Glowing Fill Half so special?

There is an abundance of effective lip fillers out there but Glowing Fill Half easily stands out with the many advantages it offers to both patients and qualified cosmetic surgeons. For example, it is:

  • Safe and able to restore skin’s hydrobalance with its purified and fully hydrated Hyaluronic Acid composition
  • Long-lasting since it has impressive rheological properties and a multi-layered phasic structure
  • Easy to inject thanks to its soft yet stable and strong texture
  • Characterized by its top-tier quality since it is produced with state-of-the-art technology and comes with premium Japan-made needles

Also, unlike most other popular Hyaluronic Acid fillers which either stick to a predominantly gel-like formula or one that is made up of HA particles of varying size, this outstanding lip filler injection combines the best of both of these worlds through a trademark R-Square Technology. Because of that, it has two layers which greatly prolong the treatment’s effects and eliminate the risk of unwanted results.

Impressively natural-looking results

Thanks to the unique structure of Glowing Fill Half, minimally invasive lip enhancement procedures that involve its application always manage to provide patients with an improved and perfectly balanced appearance. Although the risk of overfilling is extremely minimized with this anti-aging cosmetic rejuvenation product, its high sensitivity to Hyaluronidase means that even if the patient is not happy with the results, those can be easily improved and reformed at any moment after the injection procedure.

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