Dermalax Implant Plus (2×1.1ml)


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Dermalax Implant Plus is the heavy arsenal in Dermalax’s lineup of skin fillers. It targets severe wrinkles and folds. At the same time, however, it makes a fantastic face sculpting product with which cosmetic surgeons and aesthetic experts can reshape key facial contours (such as lips and cheeks). A cosmetic rejuvenation treatment done with this product does not come with any discomfort or harmful side effects for the patients.

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A quick overview of the product

  • Ingredients: Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (24mg/mL), Lidocaine (0.3%)
  • Injection area: Hypodermic, in the deep dermis
  • Common indications: Deep fold and wrinkle removal; facial contour reshaping (lips, cheeks, etc.)
  • Longevity of effects: A minimum of 12 months
  • Every box contains: 2 x 1.1 mL syringe, 2x disposable 27G needles

All HA fillers that are designed to treat deeper folds and wrinkles require for the product to be injected deeper into the patient’s skin. That is why that procedure often comes with a certain level of discomfort and pain. With Dermalax Implant Plus, however, that is not the case. This high-class skin filler is infused with lidocaine which will minimize or even completely eliminate any unpleasant sensations or pain which can arise during the injection process. The thin and razor-sharp single-use needles that are included in the product’s package also contribute to a painless skin rejuvenation treatment.

Dermalax Implant Plus contains cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid which is quite similar to that produced naturally by the human organism. This inexpensive HA filler has not been tested on animals which makes it a very safe product. Side effects are rare.

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