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Effective facial contouring can only be done using a high-quality sculpting dermal filler. Nexfill Volume ticks all the boxes to become one of the preferred Korean solutions for augmentation of various facial features. Easy to use and apply, this homogenous dense filler can give dramatic improvement to features like the jawline and cheekbones, all the while appearing completely natural and indistinguishable for the onlooker.

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Safety and reliable are the to most important requirements for a dermal filler which is to be used for facial contouring. Nexfill Volume is a dense Hyaluronic-acid based solution, in the form of a monophasic gel with superior viscoelasticity, as compared to similar products, especially for the purpose of facial feature sculpting.

A 24mg/ml HA based filler with 0.3% of Lidocaine, it guarantees a comfortable experience during the 20–30-minute session. Post treatment results are long lasting and a person ca expect up an year or more of enhancement of:

  • Very visible chin shaping
  • Making cheekbones more pronounced
  • Shaping the nose / rhinoplasty

Additionally, Nexfill Volume is dense enough to successfully help with problem with very severe forms of nasolabial folds. It can also restore the volume in very noticeable instances of cheek volume loss, providing the necessary filling and lifting effect.

The gel of Nexfill Volume is very stable and once the filler is applied in the chin or cheekbone area, for example, it remains impressively still, with no unwanted shifting or loss of shape. Combined with the excellent homogeneity, in the hands of a skilled professional, this contouring filler can be utilized to achieve dramatic improvements in one’s perceived look.

Side effects are minimal to none (though a preliminary consultation is always necessary) and are usually limited to minor redness and swelling. Based on non-animal in original Hyaluronic acid, Nexfill Volume is completely biocompatible and biodegradable, with no expected severe side effects.

This filler can be used is comparable to products like Revolax SubQ, Dermalax Implant and Rejeunesse Shape.

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