Revolax Fine (1×1.1ml)


Revolax Fine makes the treatment of superficial and fine wrinkles fast, easy and painless. Produced with the use of a new-generation technology and methods, this superb skin filler fights and eliminates early aging signs and it can refresh tired skin. It can even be applied to the most delicate areas of the skin and the neck.

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What is Revolax Fine?

Part of the Revolax Hyaluronic Acid filler lineup, this product focuses only on the treatment of superficial to fine facial wrinkles. Unlike other flagship skin rejuvenation products by this brand, this one is not characterized with a thick consistency but its cross-linked and monophasic structure ensures perfect effects with an impressive longevity. With it, patients typically enjoy the results after each filler injection for 12 or even 18 months.

How safe are this product and the treatment done with it?

This safe line removal product can be injected in the skin or the neck, forehead and the tear troughs – the areas where skin tends to very thin and delicate. The implantation is superficial and it typically comes with zero side effects. Moderate swelling around the injection points can be observed in some patients but it usually subsides in a few hours. Even when Revolax Fine is used on sensitive and extremely thin areas of the skin, the Lidocaine in the dermal filler reduces any pain caused during the treatment.

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Active ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid (24mg/mL) & Lidocaine (3mg/mL)

Contents of the box: 1x 1.1mL prefilled syringe, 2x30G single-use needles, a package insert

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