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Prima Heal is a direct alternative to the popular Hyaluronic acid based skinbooster Profhilo. It matches its properties and quality perfectly, using high and low molecular weight HA mixture, to rapidly increase the condition of the skin for lasting and thorough rejuvenation in multiple areas of the face. Highly effective product for skin lifting, whitening and improved dermal hydration.

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Prima Heal is the first proper alternative to the highly popular Italian product Profhilo which manages to deliver the same level of skin boost and rejuvenation at a lower price point, without making any compromises in quality. This skinbooster mixes 32mg of high weight and 32mg of low weight Hyaluronic acid, to maximize the skin revitalizing effect.

Optimal effect is achieved using the five-point method, targeting:

  • Zygomatic protrusion
  • Nasal base
  • Tragus
  • Chin
  • Mandibular angle

This allows the entire face to be properly rejuvenated and receive a thorough dermal boost. The high concentration of Hyaluronic acid will not only help to restore the natural hydration level of the skin, but will overall promote skin tissue regeneration, which will result in lifting effect to sagging upper dermal tissues, as well as overall reduction of the visible wrinkles on the face.

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