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Stylage XXL is a one-of-a-kind Hyaluronic Acid filler. It is famous for being the most volumizing product from Laboratories VIVACY’s Stylage line and it can offer extra volume restoration that looks natural. It is also one of the few cosmetic rejuvenation products that have Mannitol and HA IPN-like Technology. With it, facial volume corrections and remodeling deliver the best possible results with zero dangerous side effects.

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  • Filler gel composition: Hyaluronic Acid IPN-like Technology and antioxidant agent Mannitol
  • Volume: 2 x 1ml & 1 x 2.2ml
  • Concentration of HA particles: 21mg/g
  • Disposable needles: 21G 60, 21G ½, 25G 40, 27G ½
  • Result longevity: 12 months or more
  • Injection site depth: Subcutaneous, deep dermis

To give a much-needed volume to the treated area, Stylage XXL is directly injected into the deeper layers of the skin with a cannula. The regions which can be treated with this advanced dermal filler are the chin, cheekbones, cheeks where facial volume has been lost or which require some facial sculpting or augmentation.

This Class III medical device is also suitable for patients who wish to make their face more symmetrical, including for those who have a differentiating facial weakness after suffering a stroke, for example.

What happens after the injection?

Stylage XXL has an elastic structure that is easy to model and mold. Therefore, clinicians can make adjustments on the injected gel’s form and placement immediately after it has been applied into the deep dermis to achieve the desired appearance. The effects become instantly visible after treatment and usually last for approximately 12+ months. Touch-up appointments are typically not required during that period.

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