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Restylane Refyne (ex Emervel Classic) has been designed and developed by Q-Med and it is part of the company’s Restore lineup of products. This effective HA skin filler also performs an important restoring function – it preserves the natural appearance of the face and it removes wrinkles and lines by filling them. Satisfaction rate of this innovative skin rejuvenation product is off the chart because it preserves the patient’s facial movements.

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  • 12 months – treatment effect duration
  • 97% – satisfaction rate
  • 20mg/ml – concentration of non-cross-linked HA

Lose the age, keep your expressions

Restylane Refyne is a groundbreaking dermal filler mainly because it is one of the few or even the only Hyaluronic Acid-based injection filler available today that corrects lines and wrinkles without altering facial expressions. In that way, the patient’s facial movements remain natural and unchanged. The only thing that this product will do is to fill the creases in the dermis and provide extra support for the skin, giving the face a more youthful appearance. The trick to this incredible treatment effect is the XpresHAn Technology used in its production process. It ensures that patients continue to look like themselves and keep their expressions after each injection procedure.


  • Smoothens marionette lines
  • Fills nasolabial folds
  • Offers a natural-looking support for the aging face

Results that combine longevity, precision, and refinement

The treatment process takes about 30 minutes or even less but the results can last up to one full year. Thanks to the unique technology used in the crafting of this fine filler injection, the HA gel is incredibly soft and it can be accurately distributed around the treated area.

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