Restylane SUBQ (1x2ml)


Restylane SubQ is a biocompatible dermal filler of the highest quality not only because it was developed by a well-established beauty and cosmetic rejuvenation company but also because it relies on a patented NASHA Technology. With it, face sculpting and facial imperfection removal come with better, more durable and naturally-looking results. This product is completely safe and biodegradable.

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Better performance, greater safety

Effects after the first treatment with Restylane SubQ are instantaneous and the gel’s properties remain active for 12 or more months after that. This is usually the amount of time that takes for the Hyaluronic Acid in this top-tier skin filler to dissolve in the skin. Like many other Restylane products, this one is based on NASHA Technology. In other words, the HA used in the development of this cosmetic rejuvenation product is of a non-animal origin and the size of its particles was carefully customized for this type of treatment. Therefore, patients do not need to undergo tests prior to injection procedures as the biocompatibility and safety of this superb soft-tissue filler are 100% guaranteed.

The main characteristic of Hyaluronic Acid is that it can improve or even restore the skin’s volume or correct various imperfections. The results that Restylane SubQ offers include:

  • Correcting the contour and shape of the face in a non-surgical manner
  • Cheek or chin augmentation
  • Mouth and nose reshaping
  • Filling hollow temples
  • Improving skin softness
  • Jaw or facelift
  • Correcting an asymmetrical or unbalanced face

The skin filler is applied to deep dermis via an injection. Side effects are very uncommon and usually subsite and disappear within hours or days after the treatment.

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