Dermalax Deep Plus (1×1.1ml)

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Dermalax Deep Plus is a well-established Hyaluronic Acid filler and it is specifically designed for nasolabial fold and deep wrinkle removal. It has an excellent performance the effect of which remain visible for at least 12 months after the treatment. Aside from skin rejuvenation, this revolutionary medical device can also be used for face contouring and perioral area treatment.

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The many uses of Dermalax Deep Plus

A key advantage of this reliable skin filler is that it is not only available at a budget-friendly price but it also has a long list of applications. Since this incredible product has a monophasic bloc structure, it has the power to make skin smoother and to restore the volume of the treated soft tissues. It is also the top choice of many plastic surgeons and aesthetic dermatologists who want to provide their patients with long-lasting correction of wrinkles, eye-bags, and folds.

Face sculpting and contouring can also be performed with Dermalax Deep Plus. The facial areas that can be reshaped with this first-class dermal filler include lips, chin, nose, forehead and the face as a whole.

Unique properties

The thing that makes this skin HA filler stand out among other products from this range are its unique rejuvenating qualities. It can moisturize and smooth the skin and stimulate the production of Elastin, Collagen and even the regeneration of aged cells.

Dermalax Deep Plus is a tested product that is safe for use on all types of skin, as long as it is applied by a certified professional physician.

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