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Stylage Special Lips is a specially-designed filler injection that was created for lip correction and enhancement treatments. With it, clinicians can improve the contour of lips, correct their proportions and give them more fullness and volume. The product comes in the form of a flexible gel that is injected into the lips. Aside from cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, this safe dermal filler also contains Mannitol for a better effectiveness and durability.

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Why was Stylage Special Lips created?

Like every other soft-tissue part of the face, lips lose their volume and elasticity with age or as a result of factors such as prolonged solar exposure, smoking, etc. Professional HA fillers can restore their youthful appearance or correct and augment them to match the patient’s expectations. But not all cosmetic rejuvenation products from this category are suitable for that task since lips are the most sensitive and mobile part of the face. As a result, the injected Hyaluronic Acid can easily change its shape or migrate, leading to terrible post-treatment results. That is why Laboratories VIVACY have designed a product that is exclusively targeting this region of the face. Stylage Special Lips can be used for:

  • Lip rehydration
  • Lip volume augmentation
  • Perioral line removal
  • Lip contour definition

Results last between 6 to 9 months because this product contains the antioxidant agent Mannitol which keeps the pure soft-tissue filler in place and slows the rate with which it biodegrades. The revolutionary HA IPN-like Technology used in the production process ensures that the ingredients in this product are perfectly optimized for this facial zone.

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