Laboratories Vivacy has everything necessary to call itself a big player on the aesthetic medicine field – a versatile range of top anti-aging and cosmetic products, an international market influence, patentent manufacturing technologies, updated Hyaluronic Acid gel formula and years of experience. Its best-known lineups are Stylage and Desirial – both consist of dependable filler injections but focus on a different medical sphere (advanced skin rejuvenation and women’s intimate health, respectively). No matter which product of this company you are looking to buy, Skin Heal is always the place from which you can get it.

Established over a decade ago, Vivacy is currently the leading France-based producer of fast-selling HA fillers. Its portfolio is diverse and features everything from anti-aging medical devices and women’s intimate health solutions to osteoarthritis and ophthalmic products. Among the oldest and most well-recommended of them is its Stylage range which received its very first CE marking back in 2009. It features outstanding monophasic cross-linked HA filler injections that deliver temporary removal of wrinkles and have the amazing ability to improve the appearance of loose skin on the face with its volumizing and lifting powers. One treatment with it, is more than sufficient to provide patients’ with long-lasting cosmetic rejuvenation by also making the texture of their skin firmer. This impressive line by Laboratories Vivacy includes the world’s first HA-based filler that has rejuvenating antioxidants, as well as lidocaine which effectively eliminates pain and discomfort during injection. Stylage is also one of the very few top-grade skin fillers that features products targeting lines and wrinkles with a specific depth – superficial, medium and deep. This means that, with them, trained cosmetic surgeons will have zero trouble providing their patients with the utmost comprehensive, minimally invasive anti-aging treatment.

Desirial is the other line of premium-quality filler injections by Laboratories Vivacy. Similar to Stylage, it too relies heavily on the natural skin rejuvenating and hydrating properties of purified Hyaluronic Acid and on antioxidants such as Mannitol and Sorbitol that considerably slow down the rate with which the injectable gel dissolves into the skin. However, Desirial aims not at turning back the hands of time and eliminating wrinkles and folds. Instead, it is designed to treat vulvar and vaginal dryness and to provide female patients with natural-looking enhancement of labia majora with the purpose of offering better protection for the labia minora. Therefore, Vivacy is also an established manufacturer in other fields such as gynecology and intimate aesthetics medicine for women.

The company’s trademark IPN-Like Technology is used in nearly all of its groundbreaking HA-based skin fillers to deliver a gel with a greater viscosity which is easier to control by vetted plastic surgeons and extremely safe for patients.

All of Vivacy’s cutting-edge Hyaluronic Acid filler injections are manufactured in its Archamps plant set in France, not far from the country’s border with Switzerland. Since its opening, the client-focused biotech giant has managed to increase its capacity by 11 times and to reach the markets of more than 80 countries and counting. If you want its certified HA solutions to reach you, Skin Heal is the only online retailer you will ever need.

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