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Approaching skin rejuvenation the right way, Sunekos Peforma is a skinbosoter for profound and deep skin mesotherapy revitalization. It effectively boosts the condition of the upper and lower dermis and the subq layers, in the facial, neck and decollette areas, but is also effective for skin treatment of the hands. A powerful mixture between amino-acids and a Sodium Hyaluronate solution (low-molecular weight HA), it helps restore the extracellular matrix.

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Used in instances where the skin of the person is noticeable degraded, either due to natural aging and/or external factors, Sunekos Peforma can offer both rapid hydration improvement and boost in moisture retention, as well as more long terms effect. The two pillars of this skinbooster are:

  • Hyaluronic acid – used it’s Sodium Hyaluronate form (the salt of HA), it is a natural part of the hydration circulation of our skin. Introducing large amounts of it to the dry and tired dermis, can quickly boost smoothness, texture and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is also a vital perquisite to creating the best possible conditions for the synthesis of collagen, even though it doesn’t itself induce it.
  • HY6AA formula – a patented selection of amino-acids, specifically chosen for their benefitcial effect in regard to inducing collagen and elastin production. Lab tests have shows that HY6AA is up to twice as effective, in terms of amount of collagen and elastin synthesies in the extracellular matrix, when compared to regular collagen skinbosoters.

Overall, the effect of Sunekos Peforma is that is visibly reduces wrinkles, skinfolds, dryness and roughness. Additionally, by amping up the elastin and collagen synthesis it will begin a restoration process in the extracelluar matrix, healing supporting tissues and overall smoothing the skin on the surface.

Each pack contains two vials of 3.5ml of Sunekos Performa. A major advantage of this meso solution is it combines well with other forms of anti-age and skin healing therapy.

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