Revofil Aquashine (1 x 2ml)


Aquashine by Revofil is one of the most effective anti-age products for professional usage available on the market. This is a revolutionary type of filler that provides the patients with a lasting effect which goes further beyond the immediate removal of superficial wrinkles or shallow skin lines. The product is also a mesotherapy solution which utilizes the beneficial effect of peptides and a special complex of vitamins and minerals to boost the overall condition of the skin over a prolonged period of time.

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The secret of this Hyaluronic Acid filler is combining the  rejuvenating properties of the HA with the power of biomimetic peptide peptides, utilizing a special production technology for optimal cosmetic effect. The peptides make the injectable HA gel with much better viscoelasticity and increase the duration of its effect significantly. The end result? Lasting skin rejuvenation combined with the immediate removal of superficial wrinkles.

Besides the peptides. Aqushine helps the skin using the Hyaluronic Acid which has an important role in the hydration processes inside the skin. Further, there is a special complex of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, which will improve the overall health of the skin in the injected area. This is an excellent solution for treatment of rough and dry skin.

Usage of Revofil Aquashine

Using Aquashine, dermatologists can address skin aging and de-hydration in various zones of the face and neck areas. The filler comes ready for direct usage, with no additional tools necessary. The feature set includes:

  • A pre-filled syringe of 2ml of HA gel with peptides and vitamin/mineral complex
  • 32G ½ needle for injection of the filler
  • Concentration of the Hyaluronic Acid in the gel of 15mg/ml

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