Yvoire Classic Plus (1 x 1ml)


Yvoire Classic Plus is a derma filler developer by LG Chem, the medical and cosmetics subdivision of the world famous electronics and technology manufacturer. This is a prime quality soft filler, which is specifically tuned to seamlessly correct and remove finer skin wrinkles and lines, dealing with annoying issues like Cross feet or glabellar lines. A filler with excellent flowability and relatively small particle size. Yvoire Classic will provide patients will completely naturally looking results.

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Why Yvoire Classic filler?

To say that the dermal filler market is oversaturated would be a gross understatement. Customers have a seemingly endless choice between Hyaluronic acid injectable fillers. Finding the correct HA product can be a truly daunting task. However, when it comes to battling the signs of aging, specifically the facial skin, LG’s Yvoire Classic Plus really stands out. This wrinkle removal beauty product represents the top of quality that the Korean beauty industry can provide. During the manufacturing process of the filler the special HICE technology was used, which ensures the gel has maximum elasticity and increased duration, with minimum risk for the patient.

Who is this HA filler for?

Yvoire Classic has a higher Hyaluronic acid concertation that regular “soft” fillers, which not  being in the area of “deep” fillers, which puts it into the unique position of being appropriate for both delicate wrinkles and fine line remova, as well as removal of glabellar lines, earlobe injection, but also for dealing with less pronounces marionette lines or even lip agumentation, for patients that prefer s bit softer feel to the lip.

The application procedure is as short as 15 minutes and requires no down time. Results are visible immediately and injection is almost painless (contains 0.3% lidocaine). Product is generally completely biocompatible, but should be avoided by people with specific allergies to the content or pregnant/breastfeeding women.

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