Dermalax Plus (1×1.1ml)

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Superficial wrinkles stand no chance against a top-notch dermal filler like Dermalax Plus. Although this product has been on the market for many years, it still reigns over the competition with its long-lasting effects, biological safety, and regular blob structure. In contrast to most other skin rejuvenation products of this class, this one not only keeps shallow wrinkles at bay but it also maintains the skin healthy.

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Dermalax Plus is one of the oldest HA fillers that were launched on the global market and yet its popularity not only seems to have not subsided but it continues to increase. That is simply because this product offers better results in at least three separate areas. As a start, it has a vast application and can be used in both simple line removal treatments and more complex surgical procedures. That is because it is compatible with the human organism and it does not contain any aggressive ingredients. So, undesirable side effects are not something you need to worry about when you use this product.

Average effect longevity

The structure of Dermalax Plus is regular and dense. Therefore, the injection is smooth and stable and results are durable and natural-looking. On the average, the effects after a treatment session with this innovative soft-tissue filler last for 12 months or even more. HA migration is out of the question and once again we have the monophasic structure to thank for that.

No pain, just gain

This specific type of dermal filler is injected into the superficial layer of the skin. Nevertheless, just like other Dermalax products, this one also contains lidocaine because the price of beauty and youth does not have to be paid in pain or discomfort.

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