Dermalax is a South Korean range of robust dermal fillers. They are already sold in various countries on the globe under different names among which are Revigance and Hyalsense. No matter where you reside, Skin Heal will help get these high-class anti-aging products at a budget-friendly price and with speedy international shipping.

A complete dermal filler product range

The number 3 and Dermalax seem to have some mysterious connection because they go together like a horse and a carriage. For instance, this product lineup can effectively treat facial depressions and wrinkles in all three layers of the dermis – superficial, medium and deep. Across, the Hugel company that designs and produces these pure soft-tissue fillers, advertises them as being 3 times better than those of their competitors since they offer better performance, better comfort, and better choice. 3mg/ml is the amount of Lidocaine which you will find in each product from this range. That’s right – all Dermalax filler injections have been carefully optimized to provide patients with a pain- and discomfort-free cosmetic rejuvenation therapy. This is incredibly important when it comes to treatments involving the use of professional HA-based dermal fillers because maintenance appointments need to be scheduled every few months for the anti-wrinkle results to be preserved and retained. Nevertheless, these appointments do not need to be so frequent with these innovative products because Dermalax have a longevity of about 12 months or even more.

Dermalax – innovative HA fillers for wrinkles, lips and sculpting

The Dermalax family is made up of four new-generation Hyaluronic Acid filler injections that offer excellent quality and an even more excellent value. They were each designed to tackle different problems – from the swift correction of shallow wrinkles such as perioral and periorbital lines and worry lines to medium and deep folds (nasolabial folds) and eye bags. These dependable anti-aging skin fillers make that possible by adding natural-looking volume in the treated sites which successfully reshapes and improves facial contours and smoothens the skin. That same volumizing effect is the reason why these products can also be used for a long list of minimally invasive facial augmentation procedures (of the lips, nose, cheeks and the chin).

The unique HA-based formula of these exceptional products helps the skin to stay properly moisturized and even stimulates skin cells to go through a process of regeneration which boosts the production of Elastin and Collagen. Genoss has also used its Monophasic Blob Structure technology for the production of these miracle skin rejuvenating solutions in an effort (a very successful one at that) to deliver patients with durable, balanced results and a consistent and stable injection which make the overall treatment more effective and considerably minimizes pain during the injection procedure.

All Dermalax soft-tissue fillers have a shelf life of 2 years and come in a sealed, properly marked boxed in prefilled single-use syringes. A special filler injection needle is also included in the package. Pricewise, you need not worry because you are looking at one of the most inexpensive skin rejuvenation ranges originating from South Korea. If you order them from Skin Heal’s online store, you may even be able to land special deals and wallet-friendly wholesale prices.

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