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Desirial Plus is a women’s intimate health medical product that can be used for the remodeling of labia majora or as a non-surgical treatment of certain conditions such as labia majora atrophy. With this premium-quality dermal filler, gynecologists and intimate plastic surgeons can deliver more than a mere aesthetic correction as it is also an excellent solution for the treatment of functional vaginal disorders.

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Longevity of effects: at least 6 months (for some patients it can last for up to 2 years)

Injection sites: Injected directly in the treated female genital tissues

Patients who qualify for the treatment: All women of reproductive age or in peri-menopause who wish to treat vulvar imperfections or suffer from atrophy or hypertrophy of the labia majora.

Desirial Plus is a first-rate soft-tissue filler that contains quality Hyaluronic Acid IPN-like Technology that can add volume to the labia majora and it that way to provide protection for the labia minora which reduces or even eliminates pain or unpleasant sensations for the patient.  Results are visible immediately after one treatment and they come hand-in-hand with aesthetic improvements.

What are the associated side effects of this product?

Side effects that have resulted after a treatment with Desirial Plus are rare, short-lived and they are not harmful. They can include sensitivity or discoloration around the points of injection, itching, swelling, mild pain or redness.

Every package features one 2mL syringe and two 27G ½ single-use needles and one 18 cannula. The concentration of cross-linked NaHa IPN-like Technology is measured at 21mg/g. This is a Class III medical device and filler injection procedures with Desirial Plus should always be carried out by an experienced and trained practitioner.

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