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Ellanse E is the longest-lasting soft-tissue filler from Aqtis Medical’s Ellanse lineup of high-purity dermal implants. The effects after only one injection treatment have a longevity of 4 years. That is because this product is a gift that keeps on giving. Since its composition includes PCL microspheres, it has the ability to replenish collagen production. Therefore, it provides outstanding short and long-term benefits to patients.

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Benefits Ellanse E has over HA fillers

Most other professional-rate dermal fillers available for purchase today are Hyaluronic Acid-based. Ellanse E is an entirely different type of product since one of its main components is a substance known as PCL or Polycaprolactone. It comes in the form of microspheres and its biocompatibility with the human body is guaranteed. Thanks to this key ingredient, this product has several advantages over standard HA fillers:

  • Longer-lasting – Some of the most durable HA products last 12-18 months at the most, whereas this PCL solution has a 4-year longevity.
  • More affordable – Given that patients need one treatment every 4 years rather than every few months, it is also the more budget-friendly option of the two.
  • A collagen boost – Hyaluronic Acid cannot encourage the production of collagen but PCL can.
  • Fewer side effects – Both categories of products can come with rare and non-harmful unwanted reactions but those that contain polycaprolactone do not lead to delayed side effects caused by hypersensitivity.
  • Multifunctional – Fills wrinkles, reshapes contour, gives the skin a soft and youthful glow, etc.
  • Greater precision – This PCL-based soft-tissue filler does not migrate, unlike most HA injectables.

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