By constantly improving and expanding the skills of the aesthetic medicine experts and researchers which it employs and by continuously investing in modern technology and product development, Sinclair has easily become a synonym for safe and highly advanced skin rejuvenation products. Its versatile portfolio of quality dermal fillers such as Perfectha and Ellanse have turned into market leaders and top-sellers. They offer instant anti-aging treatment results through their fast filling effect and balanced lifting capacity. This is why they can be found on Skin Heal’s growing product catalog.

Sinclair is a reputable and dependable aesthetic company with an impressive global presence. Although it is based in London, it has offices and vast distribution networks across Brazil, South Korea, Western Europe, Mexico, and the United States. Even though it serves as a subsidiary of Huadong Medicine Ltd., it has built a name of its own by launching some of the most differentiated lines of superb products dedicated to non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation treatment. One of them is its Perfectha range of professional Hyaluronic Acid soft-tissue fillers. With a hard-to-match effects longevity of up to 18 months and undetectable BDDE, these top-quality products have the power to effectively remove perioral lines, nasolabial folds and brow furrows in an instant. What is more, they also offer natural-looking results when used for the enhancement of lips, chin, and cheeks, facial contouring reshaping or temple filling. That is because the company has managed to take the unbeatable anti-aging properties of Hyaluronic Acid to a whole new level by incorporating their trademark E-BRID Technology in their production to craft longer-lasting filler injections with HA Polymer Solution that has specially tailored gel particles size. This means that patients get to enjoy more visible yet balanced anti-wrinkle, lifting and volumizing effects. Sinclair has entrusted France-based Laboratory ObvieLine with the manufacturing of its entire Perfectha lineup to guarantee that it stands up to its name and deliver patients and certified plastic surgeons around the world with pure perfection.

When it comes to its Ellanse range, Sinclair has taken a different but also quite successful approach. These easy-to-inject skin fillers also aim at restoring lost volume in the face through a painless augmentation of nose, chin, lips, and cheeks, reshaping and contouring the facial oval and jawline, as well as by reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and folds on the forehead, the lower face and perioral area. However, its main active ingredient is not Hyaluronic Acid but PCL or Polycaprolactone – a substance that has outstanding biostimulating properties which help the skin produce more elastin and collagen. By doing so, it does not simply add volume under the dermis to fill depressions and wrinkles but it also encourages the body to rejuvenate and repair itself.

Sinclair ranks among the most forward-thinking beauty and aesthetic companies in the world and given its years-long practice of carefully handpicking the professionals that work for it and the additional training that it provides them with, that is not likely to change any time soon. With Skin Heal, you can order any of its exceptional filler injections in a quick, budget-friendly and easy manner.

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