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Crafted by Aqtis Medical, Ellanse L is a promising new type of quality dermal filler. It has an exceptional longevity that can span up to 3 years and it is made of two key ingredients – Polycaprolactone and carboxymethylcellulose. Thanks to that, it can not only be applied to various treatment areas but it can also make the skin to take its collagen production game up several notches.

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How many sessions before results become noticeable?

Ellanse L is such a highly effective cosmetic rejuvenation production that it only takes one treatment session for its properties to kick in and results to become visible. Together with the fact that it has a durability of up to 24 months, this product makes a much more cost-efficient filler injection solution. The product is normally injected into the sub-dermis and has a double action. It offers an immediate lifting and filling effect and later, when natural collagen production levels increase, the skin:

  • Gains a soft natural glow
  • Becomes better hydrated
  • Looks more youthful and healthy

Side effects

All injection treatments, regardless of how advanced or safe they are, come with a list of potential side effects. With Ellanse L, this list is rather short and it only features unpleasant reactions such as bruising, swelling and redness around the injection points. These reactions, however, disappear a few hours or days after the treatment. The PCL microspheres used in the production of this patient-friendly skin filler are biocompatible with the human body. Still, for better results after the injection procedure, patients are recommended to avoid exercise and hot showers during the first day after the treatment and to protect their skin from the sun and UV lights for a week following the procedure.

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