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These Double Cog threads from ES Line, represent an innovative technology in suture production, which most people associate with Aptos products. What was until few years back considered impossible, they combine the best aspects of the PLLA and PCL threads – the durability of the first with the skin hydrating and rejuvenating properties of the latter. This is a double cog thread, that will firmly be seated once inserted under the skin, providing excellent stability, making it an excellent option for usage like jawline lifting.

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Cog threads are, in essence, the upgraded version of mono threads, with their overall smooth texture and no twisting whatsoever. However, there is one major difference – the barbs. Double cogged suture has barbing on each side of the thread, which make it easier to attach to the tissues. On one had this provides the necessary stability of the thread and allow it to exert a visible lifting effect on sagging tissues, but at the same time, the barbing boosts the production of collagen in the area surrounding the thread, amplifying the skin rejuvenating effect.

What are PLACL Threads

The ES Line PLACL or P(LA/CL) threads carry the same benefits that Aptos threads do. Poly-L-Lactic Acid, or better known as PLLA threads are very durable and have excellent volumizing effect. They have been used as a replacement for dermal fillers and even Botulinum injections, in certain cases. Further they boost Type 1 and 3 collagen production.

PCL (Polycaprolactone) threads on the other hand are soft, dissolve even longer and tend to hydrate the skin better than PDO and PLLA thread. Not to mention they improve collagen production for over an year after they’ve completely dissolved.

PLACL ES Line Double Cog threads combine these properties and enable:

  • Improved lifting of sagging tissues
  • Boost in collagen production in the skin
  • Improved hydration balance of the skin
  • Overall rejuvenating effect

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