Genephyrs Middle Level (1 x 1.1ml)


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Is it possible to get the premium, European style quality of Rejeunesse Deep, but at an even lower price? Absolutely! Genephyrs Middle Level is a lip and skin filler, that is completely identical to the Korean augmentation powerhouse. Made in Hong Kong, but utilizing 100% Korean beauty technology, this Hyaluronic gel is the perfect solution not only to effectively augment the lips, adding naturally looking volume and superior lip contouring results, but also to deal with deep nasolabial folds and marionette lines, as well as gentle contouring in areas like the chin and the nose.

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While comparison with Rejeunesse Deep might sound a bit excessive, “under the hood” both filers are completely identical, which means when you’re getting Genephyrs Middle Level you are still buying that superior filler quality, which easily rivals even European heavy hitters like the Juvederm and Restylane brands.

Viscentom advertise Genephyrs Middle Level primarily for its contouring and deep wrinkle and fold removal properties. And they are undeniable. When injected, the HA gel is stable, yet soft and elastic enough not to form any bumps or  produce an unnatural swelling in the area it fills.

But the what will appeal most customers is using Genephyrs Middle Level for lip augmentation. Whether looking for adding volume to the lips, improve the overall contour, do a gentle retouch and add a more dramatic effect – the Genephyrs Middle Level lip filler has it covered. This 24mg/ml concentration HA gel guarantees not only extremely naturally and beautifully looking lips, but lasting results that can be well beyond an year.

Genephyrs Middle Level – the pack

  • Pre-filled syringe (1.1ml)
  • Two 25G needles
  • Instruction manual

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