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Stylage L is fast-selling soft-tissue filler which serves multiple purposes. It can be used for fold removal, facial remodeling and even for hand rejuvenation. It is composed of 24mg/g of cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid IPN-like Technology and Mannitol and because of that, it lasts longer than most filler injections from this class. Produced by Laboratories VIVACY, this product is safe, pure and effective.

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A shortcut to customizable cosmetic rejuvenation

While most HA cosmetic rejuvenation product available on the market choose their battles very carefully, Stylage L enjoys hands-down victories across several battlefields. That is because it can be included in the treatment of deep wrinkles such as marionette wrinkles and nasogenain folds or applied during a skin reshaping procedure. It has a thicker consistency compared to all the other products from VIVACY’s Classic range which is why it can fill and correct very deep folds and wrinkles. At the same time, however, it has an impressive viscoelasticity and it is easy to mold. That makes it a perfect Hyaluronic Acid filler for more superficial face sculpting treatments. One treatment is more than sufficient to deliver durable results that remain visible for approximately a year or even more. The consistency of the HA particles in this top-notch dermal filler allow for it to be also used on the upper side of the hands. Stylage L quickly restores lost volume in that part of the body, giving hands a more youthful appearance.

Stylage L has been manufactured:

  • By certified and trained experts in a controlled environment
  • With the use of HA particles that were produced via a natural, non-animal-based biofermentation
  • From carefully selected raw materials

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