Glowing Fill New (2 x 1ml Dual Pack)

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Glowing Fill New is a durable cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid filler that comes fresh out the lab. Launched in 2019, this highly effective cosmetic rejuvenation product has already managed to land on Skin Heal’s online store thanks to its impressive HA purity, improved viscoelasticity, and unmatched durability. It has the potential to become the best filler injection for the temporary correction of fine lines. One try and you too will be convinced in that!

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Korea’s most recent wrinkle removal masterpiece

South Korea, the land of beauty and modern anti-aging solutions, is the country from which this pioneering dermal filler originates. Although it was released not long ago, Glowing Fill New has shown an ambition to sweep its competition through its:

  • Revolutionary R-Square Technology – for a new-generation anti-wrinkle treatment
  • Multi-layered phasic structure – for more natural and long-lasting results
  • Premium-range needles – for zero pain and discomfort
  • Pure HA composition – for no side effects

The texture and concentration of this first-class skin filler have been tailored to target and remove superficial lines and wrinkles (glabellar lines, crow’s feet, perioral lines, etc.). And since it is meant to be injected into the superficial layer of the dermis, it also has a smooth and soft gel structure. At the same time, however, the gel’s migration rate is minimal allowing for more accurate results that will pass the test of time for several months. Therefore, although maintenance appointments will be required every few weeks or so, the cosmetic rejuvenating effects of this product have significantly greater longevity when compared to other solutions of this type.

Guaranteed patient satisfaction

Glowing Fill New scores high when it comes to patient satisfaction. The treatment takes just a few quick minutes and leads to no downtime. Therefore, anyone who undergoes an anti-aging treatment with this top-rated dermal filler will not need to change their daily routine. The risk of overfilling or underfilling is almost non-existent, leading to perfectly balanced results. With its lidocaine-infused formula, pain is also out of the picture.

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