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Can you think of an innovative dermal filler that comes in a big package, offers longer-lasting results and delivers a swift and instant deep wrinkle removal? HYAcorp Face 4ml is the prime and only suspect here. It is available in a 2 x 2ml package and the filling effects which it provides after only one injection session become visible immediately and are retained for months on end.

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This groundbreaking HA filler can treat medium and deep folds and it can be used for cheek augmentation. It contains 2mg of standard Hyaluronic Acid and another 20mg of cross-linked HA. That and its Advanced Thixotropic Technology is the main reason why HYAcorp Face 4ml is:

  • Easy and quick to inject into the dermis
  • More stable than its competitors
  • Characterized by its adaptable viscosity
  • Incredibly durable

The longevity of the results offered by this effective cosmetic rejuvenation product depends on variables such as skin type, injection technique, age, etc.

The don’ts of using HYAcorp Face

Don’t attempt to use this HA filler injection if you are not trained and skilled for the job. This modern skin rejuvenation product is officially classified as a medical device. Therefore, it must always be administered by a qualified and certified practitioner.

Don’t inject it into the periorbital area of the face. HYAcorp Face needs to be applied in the mid to deep dermis. This means that regions which are characterized with their thin and delicate skin (crow’s feet, eyelids, circles, and lines under the eyes, etc.) need to be treated with a quality dermal filler that has a lower concentration of HA and a softer gel texture.

Don’t store this product at a temperature lower than 2°C or higher than 25°. Don’t keep it under direct sunlight to preserve its original properties.

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