Germans are famous for their meticulousness and discipline. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that German-made dermal fillers HYAcorp impress with their remarkable purity and the premium quality of the materials used for their production. Aside from first-class quality, these top-performance injectable products can also be used for the correction of various signs of aging and the contouring and augmentation of different areas of the body. So, if you are looking for a trusted skin filler that goes beyond instant line and wrinkle removal, browse through Skin Heal’s online store to find the right HYAcorp solution for you or for your patients.

Bio-Science GmbH is the company that is responsible for the existence of all optimized dermal fillers by this brand. It was established in 2006 which means that it now has more than a decade of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. Bio-Science enjoys an excellent reputation because it is one of the strictest and most thorough manufacturers of patient-friendly HA-based soft-tissue fillers and medical devices. It produces its innovative HYAcorp range in an environment that is fully accredited and clean. Even though some of the raw materials used in the making of these groundbreaking skin rejuvenating injections were manufactured by other biotechnological companies, they have all been carefully selected and thoroughly tested by independent laboratories. Therefore, when you buy HYAcorp products, you are always guaranteed to get durable, risk-free and consistent results.

The main product range of this excellent brand consist of both facial and body fillers. Most of them were created through a patented Advanced Thixotropic Technology which produces a unique type of cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid – a substance that is naturally occurring in humans and is praised for its ability to hydrate skin and improve its elasticity and texture from the inside. Thanks to this outstanding technology, HYAcorp’s safe skin fillers become less viscous during the treatment, allowing for a more stable injection. Once the HA-based gel has been injected, however, it quickly regains its original viscosity, ensuring the achieved results are preserved as intended by the plastic surgeon for a longer period of time.

The brand’s innovative facial fillers lineup consists of HYAcorp Lips, Face, Face II and Fine. Out of them, only the latter contains non-cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid but that is because it meant to correct only minor and superficial signs of aging such as fine periorbital lines or small imperfections on the neck, decollete or the back of the hands. The other three solutions in this category do not only feature cross-linked HA but HA that has a crosslinking degree that is higher than the average. As a result, they deliver immediate lip contouring or augmentation, moderate to severe wrinkle correction (especially glabellar and nasolabial folds), facial contouring and cheek enhancement that are durable and stable.

HYAcorp’s MLF1 and MLF2 are classified as professional-grade body fillers. They too contain cross-linked, non-animal-based HA but they target smaller areas (calves or the back of the hands) or bigger parts of the body (buttocks) respectively. They both offer amazing, natural-looking body contouring or reshaping results that last for up to 8 months.

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