JBP Laennec (50 x 2ml)


JBP Laennec is a Japanese made and patented solution that has an extensive range of health and beauty benefits for the human organism. Laennec is much more than a mesotherapy product. This is a cosmetic and wellness solution based on human placenta extract, which  has very powerful healing and rejuvenating properties that positively affect not only the area of  application/injection but the entire body of the patient and it can be helpful with anything from skin problems to hair loss to chronical skin and other medical conditions.

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JBP are one of the leading Japanese companies that produce medical devices and products and well as solutions with application in the beauty industry. It has, after years of development produces one of the wonder products available on the market today. Claimed health benefits of the JBP Laennec include everything from menopause symptoms alleviation to fertility boost. Clinical trials, however, have unquestionably proven the effectiveness of JBP Laennec for:

  • Wrinkle removal
  • Reduction of sebum production
  • Slowing or even stopping of natural skin aging processes
  • Overall skin rejuvenation
  • Lasting skin hydration improvement
  • Positive effect for a variety of skin conditions

JBP Laeneec – a  human placenta extract

A full treatment course with JBP Laennec will ensure the patient’s skin is in perfect condition for an extensive period of time. The main ingredient – human placenta extract will guarantee that. This is one of the richest in vitamins, growth factors, nutrients and minerals substances that is used in the beauty industry. It is used for both medical and cosmetic purposes and has a vast application across a range od industries and products, being one of the most powerful ingredients used for skin care products.

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