JBP NanoCannula

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JBP NanoCannula are state-of-the-art cannulas that offer a smooth injection with a lower resistance. As a result, injection treatments carried out with this quality product are more painless for patients. The cannulas come in many different sizes and can be used on various treatment areas because they are suitable for any hypodermal injection depth.

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For an injection treatment to deliver highly effective results and cause minimal damage to the hypodermal tissue, it needs to be manufactured in accordance with a long list of international, safety and health standards. JBP NanoCannula is a product that matches these requirements and helps practitioners provide patients with a pain-free, fast and safe injection treatment. It has a top performance, an excellent reputation, and many impressive features.

JBP NanoCannula’s main features and advantages

  • FDA-approved
  • Thin-walled
  • Micro polished with a special technology
  • A pipe made from stainless steel

When an injection treatment involves the use of these advanced cannulas, it makes the whole experience less stressful for patients. That is because the fine hole and thin walls of each cannula reduce the sensations of pain and discomfort. They also limit the injection point since they cause minimal hypodermal tissue damage. Therefore, downtime after the procedure is considerably reduced and so is the likelihood of side effects resulting from the injection process itself (such as swelling, redness, bruising, tenderness, sensitivity, etc.). This is why JBP NanoCannula has become a top choice for many professional practitioners and clinicians around the world.

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Please, before using this product check the included product and documentation (leaflet, instruction, manual, back of the box information, etc.. Make sure you've acquainted yourself with all relevant information which regards usage, safety protocols, proper application, counterindications, possible adverse effects and/or any other details regarding the product which would allow for it's appropriate and safe usage. Ensure that you or the person using the product is not allergic to one or more of the ingredients (e.g. for products containing Lidocaine).

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