Kabelline Contouring Serum


Kabelline is an advanced fat resolving product that is based on the FDA-approved substance Deoxycholic Acid. Thanks to that ingredient in its composition and its pioneering formula, this reliable contouring serum destroys fat cells in the body and face. It is suitable for the removal of moderate to severe fat and it can be combined with other anti-obesity solutions such as exercise and diet.

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Kabelline’s fat resolving strategy

This industry-leading fat resolving injection stimulates lipolysis in two ways. The ingredient Deoxycholic Acid plays a key role in the first one as it destroys fat in a safe and natural way. This material is produced by intestinal bacteria and since it is already present in the human body, it has an impressive biological compatibility. As a result, its use has been officially approved by the FDA. It offers benefits such as:

  • High patient satisfaction
  • Rare mild side effects which are temporary
  • Incredible efficacy
  • Quick removal of submental fat (neck area and under the chin)

The second way in which Kabelline attacks and destroys fat cells is by using its innovative NewFace formula. It provides fast and durable hypotonic lipodissolution. It achieves that not only by inducing the decrease of fat and lipids but also by stimulating cells to absorb a greater amount of water.

Treatment overview and results

One pack of this quality fat removal serum features 5 x 8ml vials. The treatment of one area of the body can require between 4-8ml of the product. One session with Kabelline should not include more than 50 injection applications (0.2ml per application) and the maximum recommended number of sessions per one week are 6. Over time, this treatment offers visible results that include sharper facial lines, a better-defined facial contour and more. Since this is a homeopathic solution, it can be combined with other anti-obesity methods such as diet and exercise.

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