With extensive experience and background in medical fields such as stem cells and autologous stem cell therapies, NeoGenesis is truly advanced and hard to compete against medical company. A proof for that are its sophisticated skin fillers and high-end mesotherapy solutions from the HyaFilia and Regenovue families. They contain purified and safely-derived Hyaluronic Acid that treats numerous signs of aging. Wrinkle removal, skin hydration, facial sculpting… it is all on the menu with this company’s advanced products. Get them via Skin Heal now!

Although NeoGenesis was founded less than a decade ago in 2012, its products are already getting plenty of attention from board-certified cosmetic surgeons from around the world. For the short amount of time on the aesthetic medicine market, it has managed to launch two excellent soft-tissue filler lines – Regenovue and HyaFilia. Both were introduced in 2014 and are now being distributed and sold in more than 65 countries worldwide – a record-breaking achievement which not many other South Korean manufacturers in this sphere can say. It exports its optimized dermal fillers in Europe, North and South America, Asia and more. An interesting fact about this reliable pharmaceutical company is that it is a regular participant in some of the most important exhibitions and events focusing on new findings and product trends in aesthetic medicine. That active approach enables it to constantly expand its knowledge and to set higher goals for itself.

NeoGenesis’ constant need to develop and to innovate is reflected in its effective skin fillers. Not long ago, the company upgraded its Regenovue range by launching a lidocaine-infused version of every product from this line. That shows its consideration with patients’ comfort and experience. In addition to that, it has some of the most affordable HA-based filler injections on today’s market which is yet another reason why patients rate its pioneering cosmetic rejuvenation products in such a positive way.

Vetted plastic surgeons can deliver a comprehensive non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatment using either one of NeoGenesis’ modern cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid fillers. That is because they feature a comprehensive selection of safe and fast anti-aging solutions that can deliver them with the temporary correction of neck folds, worry lines, glabellar lines, deep folds, etc. Nose reshaping, facial contouring, lip augmentation, chin and cheek enhancement procedures done with Regenovue or HyaFilia implant gels are longer-lasting, painless and require to downtime.

Professional-grade mesotherapy injections from NeoGenesis’ Regenovue AquaShine line up also contain 100% cross-linked HA but they rejuvenate the skin by moisturizing it. That reduces the appearance of fine lines on the forehead, chin, perioral and periorbital areas and corrects enlarged pores. With each follow-up injection treatment, the skin looks more and more radiant and youthful – what more could one ask for from a minimally invasive anti-aging treatment?

To experience the excellent quality of HA-based products designed by this global manufacturer, head over to Skin Heal’s online store. We are a seasoned online retailer and wholesale distributor of the best and most durable cosmetic rejuvenation medical products and devices out there, including those by NeoGenesis.

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