Neobella (ex. Kabelline) Contouring Serum (5 x 8ml)


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After giving the world Kabelline, NewFace Laboratories has released a brand-new and even more impressive fat-melting solution called Neobella. This premium-quality contouring serum is based on the harmless but effective fat-melting ingredient Deoxycholic Acid (DA) and it has already made its way to Skin Heal’s versatile online store. It has a guaranteed slimming effect and it considerably improves the appearance and the profile of the face by correcting local fat accumulations through a non-surgical procedure.

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A patient-friendly Kabelline-like contouring serum

A typical treatment with this high-class lipolytic product consists of a maximum of 6 sessions. Each of them is carried out at an interval of a minimum of 1 week. The fat-burning contouring serum is injected into the target areas by a board-certified plastic surgeon. The treatment zones are usually those parts of the face and the body that are prone to local fat accumulation and, at the same time, are slow to respond to alternative weight-loss strategies involving physical exercise, diets or cosmetic surgery such as liposuction. One of the biggest advantages of Neobella is that it can be combined with all these and other anti-obesity solutions to achieve faster and longer-lasting weight loss results.

  • Inexpensive
  • Pain-free
  • Zero harmful side effects
  • Effective
  • Chemical-free

How does Neobella work?

Since this cutting-edge product is based on DA, it has an incredible slimming and fat-resolving effect when it is administered through an injection in the subcutaneous layer. Deoxycholic Acid destroys fat deposits and delivers a localized anti-obesity treatment. This incredible enzyme also stimulates the metabolization of the so-called fatty acids providing patients with a well-contoured facial line and slimmed up abdomen, hips, thighs, underarms and more.

We, from Skin Heal, are among the first online retailers to offer Neobella to their customers.

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