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Perfectha Subskin 1,0ml targets various areas of the face and it was specifically designed to provide durable volume. It is a first-rate soft-tissue filler that is HA-based and made in France by the established ObvieLine Laboratories. With an effects longevity of up to 18 months, it is the longest-lasting product from this lineup. This is a high-purity, fully sterilized skin rejuvenation product that does not disappoint.

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Perfectha Subskin’s HA concentration may be identical with those found in all other dermal fillers by this brand but its gel particle concentration is what makes this product special. 2,000 – that is the exact amount of gel particles that can be found in every 1 ml of this pioneering filler injection. This is a precision that can only be achieved by ObvieLine Laboratories’ trademark E-BRIT Technology which tailors every HA gel of the company to ideally match the specifics of the targeted treatment areas. In the case of Perfectha Subskin, the product is injected either into the supraperiosteal or subcutaneous layers of the dermis. In that way, it can provide the necessary volume to reshape, enhance, correct or define facial contours, the bridge of the nose, the chin, cheeks, etc.

Benefits include

  • Slow degradation of HA – durable results
  • Amazing flow properties – smooth injection
  • No traces of BDDE or animal-derived ingredients – no tests required prior to treatment
  • E-BRID Technology – a greater degree of volumizing
  • Made of top-notch components and raw materials – 100% compliance with quality and safety standards

The treatment procedure usually takes about 30 minutes and it always needs to be carried out by a trained clinician.

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