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Innovative and effective, Priere Tulip is the quintessential filler for full and beautiful red lips. Taking advantage of the HLD technology it enhances the lip volumizing effect of cross-linked Hyaluronic acid, making the lips more pronounced and noticeable for an extended period of time, surpassing the regular lip fillers. Defined by gel smoothness and uniformity, Priere Tulip delivered dramatic lip enhancement which is still naturally appearing.

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One of the first lip fillers on the market to utilize the patented HLD technology, Priere Tulip’s gel is a mixture of low- and high-density Hyaluronic acid, for an advanced cross-linking process. The technology has two main benefits. First, the BDDE cross-linking agent which is normally used in the cross-linking process of HA gel, leaves virtually no residue (below the detectable threshold). This ensures that the PRiere Tulip lip filler is safe to use and contains no harmful agent’s

In more practical terms (as far as results go) the manufactured gel is with supreme uniformity. As the Hyaluronic acid is cross-linked, the low volume HA, effectively fill in the space between the high-volume molecules. Thus, the texture of the Priere Tulip fill is smoother, more uniform and allows for easier handling and application. Using Priere is a guarantee the lips will be read and beautify, will no lip formation and gel shifting. The lip contour appears completely natural and the gained lip volume will not seem excessive.

Extensive last tests have shown that Priere Tulip is, when compared to regular lip fillers:

  • More uniform and naturally appearing when applied.
  • Retains shape longer, ensuring longer-lasting contour.
  • Is more resilient to dissolving by enzymes.
  • Contains significantly less BDDE cross-linking agent particles.

From purely technical standpoint, this is a 26mg/ml, Hyaluronic acid-based filler (HLD crosslinking), in the form of uniform, monophasic gel, which also contains 0.3% Lidocaine, for reduced discomfort.

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