A-Jax D’azur PLA (PDLLA) Filler – 1 vial / 200mg


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Achieve lasting and completely naturally looking volumization in various parts of the face using the powerful PLA (Poly DL-Lactide) filler A-Jax D’azure. This is a long-term wrinkle and skin fold treatment solution, which gives instant volume and smoothing, while at the same time rapidly improving the collagen buildup and cell regeneration in the dermis, for a period of up to 24 months.

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With A-Jax D’Azure (Ajax Dazure) lasting facial look rejuvenation can be achieved. Depending on the treatment method, almost all parts of the face can be treated for volume restoration and wrinkle and skin fold filling. The base of the filler is a safe biodegradeable polymer, called Poly DL-Lactide (related to Poly D, L-lactic acid) or PLA / PDLLA for short, which is suspended in CMC gel.

While the CMC gel will instantly fill deep to severe skin depressions, the PLA microspheres will help with the long term smoothing. As the gel is absorbed into the dermis over time, new cells are formed around the PLA particles, synthesizing large amounts of collagen into the skin. This allows for the skin to fully rejuvenated itself and achieve filling effect, even after the filler gel (CMC) has been dissolved.

Main features:

  • Long duration: full facial appearance transformation for a long as two years. A-jax D’azure noticeably restores lost skin volume, smoothing out pronounced wrinkles and folds.
  • Natural collagen stimulation: PLA’s special properties allow for new structure of skin cells to form in the area with depleted skin volume. These new cells will naturally produce a lot of collagen and will fill in the skin depression.
  • Eco product: the innovative manufacturing process utilized when making A-Jax D’azure PLA, includes using eco-friendly materials and renewable resources such as corn and potato starch.
  • Completely safe: Poly DL-Lactide has been extensively tested and utilized by the beauty industry for decades. Over time it gets safely dissolved into safe lactic acid.

Ideal for:

  • Fixing deep age or premature-aging related skin depressions like deep to severe skin folds and skin lines, as well as noticeable wrinkles.
  • Licensed professionals looking for a safe and long-term effective collagen boosting filler, which is made using high quality, eco-friendly materials.
  • People that prefer a natural skin volumization method, such as collagen build-up, as a more reliable and durable alternative to traditional Hyaluronic fillers.

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