Monalisa Soft Type (1x1ml)


Safe, trusted and competitively-priced – it is not surprising that Monalisa Soft offers such an impressive satisfaction rate among both clinicians and patients. Aimed at correcting crow’s feet and superficial frown lines, this Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler scores high when it comes to volume maintenance because it is an innovative medical product that is based on the so-called Hy-BRID technology. Results are guaranteed to last for at least half a year.

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A risk-free skin filler that meets global standards for quality

Monalisa Soft is a first-class product behind which stands Genoss – a brand notable for its rigorous testing procedures and its ambitions to match even the strictest international safety and quality standards. That is namely why this effective HA filler contains zero BDDE residues. The latter are chemicals that are often used in the production of cosmetic rejuvenation products because they can boost the concentration of Hyaluronic Acid particles. At the same time, however, these same chemical residues increase the risks of side effects. Being a non-BDDE product, this medical device contributes to an extremely safe fine line removal treatment. It consists only very pure cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid particles which lead to better and more durable effects after the procedure.

  • Particle size: 200 µm
  • Concentration: 24 mg/mL
  • Use: Correction of fine lines around the eyes (crow’s feet) or between the eyebrows

How is Monalisa Soft applied?

This product is applied in the patient’s superficial dermis via an injection. The procedure should always be performed by a certified clinician. Aside from the HA filler, the package also features a thin-walled 30G needle which helps for a smooth and stable injection.

The affordable price of Monalisa Soft makes it an accessible and result-oriented choice of a product.

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