A-Jax Keen

A-Jax Keen is a brand of Korean Hyaluronic acid fillers, which mixes monophasic and biphasic Hyaluronic acid, for superior gel stability and filler durability. It is a direct equivalent to the Rejeunesse brand, but also a very close match to other brands like Dermalax and Revolax. A-Jax Keen fillers are offered in three variations:

  • A-Jax Keen Cozy – soft and flowable HA filler, user for the correction of superficial skin lines and wrinkles;
  • A-Jax Keen Vivid – a medium thickness filler, intended for filling moderate to deep skin folds and wrinkles and lip enhancement;
  • A-Jax Keen Subline – dense contouring filler, which can be used to contour the facial oval and features and fill severe skin folds;

A-Jax Keen offers matching quality to the more famous Korean filler brands, at an even better price poposition, which managing to match their quality, durability and naturally looking effect. If you want a budget alternative to Revolax, Dermalax or, especially, Rejeunesse, without sacrificing the HA gel quality – A-Jax Keen is the filler brand to choose.

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