Mona Lisa’s smile may be a mystery but every experienced aesthetic dermatologist and board-certified plastic surgeon knows that Monalisa dermal fillers offer the best price-value ratio, especially when they are ordered from Skin Heal. These impressive anti-wrinkle injections have a durable effect, low price, a cross-linked HA structure, premium quality, and an excellent design. What more could you ask for from a top-range cosmetic rejuvenation product? Instant results? Check! A comprehensive range? Also check! High patient satisfaction and no discomfort during treatment? That box has too been checked! What you are looking at here is a true masterpiece of modern-day aesthetic medicine.

The mastermind behind Monalisa’s HA-based skin fillers is Genoss – a Korean biotech leader that was founded in 2004 and has the ambition to become the world’s best medical device company. Judging by the many advantages and exceptional properties of its Monalisa lineup, that goal seems achievable. Even though this is the only professional dermal filler brand developed and produced by this company, it quickly found a notable spot on the radar of trusted medical clinicians in many parts of the world. That achievement sounds even more impressive given that this product range made its debut on the international market a little over 5 years ago.

The Monalisa Family of high-quality soft-tissue fillers currently consists of four separate products all of which contain cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid and all of which can be purchased via Skin Heal’s web store. They each target specific groups of aging signs and skin imperfections. As a result, this brand has a special solution for the temporary correction of lines and wrinkles formed in the superficial, middle, deep or the very deep layers of the subcutis. They can even successfully restore facial contours by adding extra volume under the skin. As you may already know, one of the main signs of aging is volume loss in certain areas of the soft tissue (cheeks, jawlines, lips, nasolabial zone) and namely it can lead to the formation of a number of depressions and wrinkles among which are smile and perioral lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and many more. Therefore, by addressing this particular problem, these high-class dermal fillers provide natural-looking cosmetic rejuvenation to patients with mature skin.

Hy-BRID Technology – this is one of the many unique things about these products because they were produced through this manufacturing technique. As a result, all HA-based soft-tissue fillers by this brand have an incredibly uniform and dense structure. Even though the Hyaluronic Acid in its composition will fully dissolve over time, the treatment results will last for a minimum of 6 months.

With Monalisa’s fast-selling and fairly-priced filler injections, safety always comes first.  That is why Genoss has made sure that it produces the HA for these products alone. In that way, it has complete control over the manufacturing process and can ensure that they are made of zero animal-based ingredients and are free of BDDE residue. Naturally, the risk of side effects is extremely low, especially given these products’ 100% biological compatibility.

These are the things you will enjoy with the authentic Monalisa products which Skin Heal is registered to distribute.

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