Affordable premium quality – this is what you get with a reputable brand such as Revolax. Therefore, it is not surprising that all patient-friendly HA fillers from this brand’s range are among the fastest-selling products that are currently part of Skin Heal’s catalog. But an excellent balance between quality and price is not the only thing that makes Revolax spotlight-worthy. Its exceptional durability, high purity formula and diverse selection of effective dermal fillers is also something that has helped it gain worldwide recognition.

The story of Revolax marks its beginning less than a decade ago. But even though this brand made its market debut in the early 2010s, it did not take it too long to generate buzz, accumulate an impressive fan base and win the approval of qualified plastic surgeons. Maybe its incredible success has something to do with the fact that behind it sits one of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies – Across. One of the fields in which the South Korean giant is specializing is namely HA-based products and professional skin fillers.

All of Revolax’s top-notch soft-tissue fillers contain a small amount of Lidocaine to deliver patients with a painless treatment and they have a monophasic, cross-linked structure. But the truly special thing about them is their remarkable and hard-to-beat longevity. Some of the groundbreaking products by this company offer long-lasting wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation results that remain visible for up to 18 months! Not many manufacturers out there can match that, including the oldest and most well-known fillers brands. The secret is in the unique gel formula used by Revolax that gives the brand’s products incredibly high viscoelasticity which delivers durable volume and corrects facial volume loss immediately. The achieved effects are durable because of the consistent, smooth yet outstandingly stable structure of the injectable gel. When we add the amazingly low phase angle percentage of the gel migration, we get a rare breed of quality cosmetic rejuvenation products that achieve miracle results through a minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure.

Safety and quality are two other areas in which Revolax exceeds. Being developed and manufactured in one of the largest and most advanced beauty markets, South Korea, these trusted wrinkle fillers have gone through numerous clinical trials and they fully meet even the strictest quality and health standards among which are ISO15013485:2012 and ISO1509001.

The selection of Revolax first-class dermal fillers which you can find and order through Skin Heal’s website can be used for the temporary correction of fine, medium and deep wrinkles and folds, as well as for a fast and risk-free lip enhancement, augmentation of nose, cheeks, and chin. All of them are available at a budget-friendly price and with worldwide shipping.

The best thing about Revolax is that this is a brand that is not afraid to try out new innovations and production techniques which is why it constantly improves its pioneering HA-based soft-tissue fillers. We, from Skin Heal, are always among the first to provide patients and certified cosmetic surgeons with easy and early access to the latest solutions by this well-known company.

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