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Hyafilia Filler is a high-quality beauty product, aimed and shaping and enhancing the lips of the patient. Injecting this lip filler guarantees beautiful and naturally looking lips, with lasting results of four to six months. This injectable HA gel has excellent stability and will firmly remain in the injected area, with no risk of “leaking away”.

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Hyafilia Filler is made from  purified Hyaluronic Acid. In it’s normal state, HA is dissolved by the enzymes of the body quite fast. However, in this product, it has been combined with BDDE to achieve a stable cross linked structure, which is far more durable to the body metabolism. When compared to similar products, Hyafilia dermal fillers last substantially longer once injected. Patients can expect lasting results of four and up to six months.

Why Hyafilia Filler?

This is a very versatile beauty product. For one this HA gel is one of the best lip fillers on the market. Few injectables can give the same natural volume and shape. However, the product is also appropriate for the removal of superficial to medium sized skin lines and can fill up to moderately deep wrinkles. Hyafilia can be used to provide patients with and overall augmentation of their look, improving the volume and shape of their lips and taking care of glabellar lines, moderately deep Marionette lines, boosting cheek volume and more.


  • Median grain size – 500μm
  • Box content – pre-filled syringe (1ml), 27G needle, 29G needle
  • Storage temperature – one to thirty degrees Celsius
  • Three years of shelf life
  • Four month effect
  • Injection depth – medium
  • Concentration of Hyaluronic Acid – 20mg/ml

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