Hyafilia is one of the top Korean brands of dermal fillers, which have also managed to make a breakthrough on the westerns markets, especially in the USA and Canada. Made by a proven name in the injectables industry – CHA Meditech, Hyafilia one of the dermal filler brands that have  a lot to offer to customers in terms of quality, effectiveness and naturally looking results.

What is the Hyafilia line?

The HA filler line consistes of the following six products:

  • Hyafilia Petit
  • Hyafilia Classic, a.k.a. Hyafilia Filler
  • Hyafilia Grand
  • Hyafilia Petit Plus
  • Hyafilia Classic Plus
  • Hyafilia Classic Grand

The Plus series is completely identical to their non-Plus counterparts, the only difference being Plus Hyafilia fillers also contain Lidocaine, which makes injection with them less painful. CHA Meditech has made sure they offer a product in each of the basic segments of the market –  superficial wrinkle fillers, moderate folds fillers, lip fillers and sculpting and severe folds gel.

Hyafilia filler distinction

  • Hyafilia Petit – a very soft filler (one of the softest on the market), this product is perfect for dealing with very fine skin lines and wrinkles, especially crow’s feet;
  • Hyafilia Classic – the designated lip filler of the series, it provides very natural results when used for lip augmentation; also good for moderate folds filling;
  • Hyafilia Grand – meant to deal with severe skin folds, but also an excellent option for facial feature sculpting and augmenting areas like the chin, nose, cheekbones etc.;

Hyafilia, as a brand, offers customers the perfect balance between quality and price, as these are some of the better Hyaluronic acid fillers available on the market but their pricing is very budget oriented, beating out even the other Korean big brands like Revolax or Dermalax.

The effect duration varies depending on the thickness of the filler from 6-9 months for Petit to over an year for Grand (also very dependent on the patient’s metabolism).

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