Hyafilia Petit (1 x 1ml)


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Hyafilia Petit is a prime quality soft dermal filler, based on purified cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, with a high concentration of 20mg/ml. This HA filler is the perfect solution for skin rejuvenation and fast and effective removal of superficial lines and wrinkles from the skin. The Hyafilia Petit has excellent flowability of the gel and provides some of the most naturally looking results, when compared to other  Hyaluronic Acid fillers on the market.

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What does the package include?

The filler comes in a complete set, ready to be applied straight out of the box. Inside the package you will find:

  • Prefilled syringe with HA filler (1ml)
  • 27G needle
  • 29G needle

The product has a long shelf life of three years and should be stored at a normal temperature in the 1 to 30 ℃ range. Do not store in below zero or too hot temperatures and take care to keep the product away from direct sunlight.


Hyafilia Petit is one of the most effective skin fillers in terms of dealing with the finest of lines and wrinkles. Almost no other filler on the market can boast an average particle size of just 200μm. This results in the gel flowability being excellent, allowing it to fill very delicate wrinkles in a way that looks completely natural.

The filler can be used to remove Crows feet, delicate Marionette lines, to augment the ears and even as a lip filler, for patients that prefer a very soft result. Since this is a BDDE cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, that is used, it is more durable to the metabolism of the body and the body’s enzymes. Once injected, it will remain in the body from four to six months.

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Please, before using this product check the included product and documentation (leaflet, instruction, manual, back of the box information, etc.. Make sure you've acquainted yourself with all relevant information which regards usage, safety protocols, proper application, counterindications, possible adverse effects and/or any other details regarding the product which would allow for it's appropriate and safe usage. Ensure that you or the person using the product is not allergic to one or more of the ingredients (e.g. for products containing Lidocaine).

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