NewFace Laboratories

NewFace Laboratories is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of quality aesthetic products based on polymers. It relies on a more than a century of research and development to design and produce groundbreaking solutions such its homeopathic contouring serum Kabelline which uses the natural properties of FDA-approved DA to deliver patients with a localized, non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Skin Heal is registered to distribute the company’s top-range products to clients all over the world.

One-of-a-kind – this is a world that can be used to describe each separate cosmetic product created by NewFace Laboratories. That is because this reliable biopharmaceutical company from South Korea continuously aims to create cutting-edge aesthetic medicine solutions that have the power to “meet unmet needs.” As a result, it boasts a versatile portfolio of unique and pioneering products such as its dependable lipolytic injections Kabelline. They are an excellent fat-dissolving product that can be used to reduce unwanted fat on the body and the face and they deliver outstanding results where more traditional fat reduction options like liposuction, for example, fail. That is due to the fact that the safe fat-burning gel in Kabelline can be easily applied via injection directly on problem zones that are typically hard to treat through plastic surgery (the chin, abdomen, arms, etc.). The greatest advantage is that patients do not need to pay a small fortune to undergo a procedure with this risk-free product of the company and won’t even have to worry about downtime because this is a very minimally invasive treatment.

NewFace Laboratories is a true innovator on the international beauty and aesthetics market because it has developed and patented a long list of top-notch technologies. Those include its Smart DDS (Smart Drug Delivery System Technology) which gets more out of a product’s active ingredients and significantly improves its stability and performance; CESABP Technology (Collagenesis-Enabled Solubilized Active Biodegradable Polymer) which stimulates the skin to produce more collagen through a brand-new method; BERAT Technology (Biostimulation-Enabled Rejuvenating Absorbable Thread Technology) that gives the company’s professional-grade aesthetic medicine solutions both rejuvenating and lifting properties. Once again, the modern production approach of this South Korean company is particularly obvious in its superb fat-dissolving serum Kabelline. To ensure that it delivers fast, long-lasting and effective results, NewFace Laboratories has doubled its remarkable lipolytic powers by adding Deoxycholic Acid (DA) and a new-generation Hypotonic Lipodissolution formula. As an FDA-approved and clinically tested ingredient, DA is quick at burning fat cells in the face and the body. As for the product’s Hypotonic Lipodissolution properties, the reduce fat by stimulating the cells to absorb excess water stored in the organism. With this and other one-of-a-kind innovations by this outstanding biopharmaceutical company, patients from all over the globe can now enjoy a risk-free and painless treatment for double chin, cellulite, belly fat, muffin edges, chubby cheeks and more. Since the company’s quality anti-cellulite and fat-resolving products are biocompatible and dissolvable, they can even be combined with other weight-loss treatments and strategies (dieting, exercise, etc.). To witness their impressive powers from first hand, use Skin Heal’s website to order them.

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