Body, scalp, skin – Revitacare’s excellent quality products were developed to properly address and treat different cosmetic problems and concerns. This stable and ambitious French biotech company produces durable Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers and effective mesotherapy solutions that are characterized by their impressively sophisticated formulas. By taking into consideration the needs of both patients and medical practitioners, this well-recognized giant in aesthetic medicine has risk-free wrinkle removal solutions and hair restoration products all of which can be found on Skin Heal’s online store.

Revitacare is a French biotechnological company that was officially founded in 2003. Over the years, it managed to establish itself as one of the strongest and most driven players on the global cosmetology and aesthetic medicine market by introducing a number of highly innovative product ranges among which are Otesaly and Somed. Both of these lines feature advanced HA-based solutions. They consist of fairly priced body and facial fillers that can cover a wide spectrum of aesthetic concerns by delivering patients with a non-surgical augmentation of breasts and buttocks (Otesaly Derm Plus), a minimally invasive correction of superficial to medium wrinkles such as crow’s feet, oral commissures, perioral and glabellar lines (Otesaly Derm Line) or the immediate removal of deep folds and a balanced facial contouring (Otesaly Deep Line). Each of these exceptional dermal filler injections also features a special repair complex that often includes antioxidants like Mannitol. In that way, they provide excellent skin rejuvenation without the risk of overcorrection or overfilling.

Robust HA fillers are not the only line of expertise that Revitacare has. The trustworthy company has several incredibly successful mesotherapy solutions which are currently available on the market. Much like its other new-generation aesthetic medicine products, these ones also address a vast number of problems by offering a groundbreaking hair loss treatment, long-lasting cosmetic rejuvenation, patient-friendly lipolytic injections, and even a potent skin whitening serum that quickly treats over pigmentation caused by excessive solar exposure, for instance.

Revitacare now distributes its fast-selling cosmetic products to more than 40 countries and it has received several prestigious awards for them including for Best Mesotherapy Product and for Best Hair Beauty Product. Thanks to its pioneering Hybrid-Tri Technology, it manufactures top-notch Hyaluronic Acid gel implants with a structure that is both monophasic and biphasic. That makes them a few times more durable compared to standard HA skin rejuvenation injectables.

The company’s Research and Development department is known for always going the extra mile by coming up with modern anti-aging and hair restoration innovations. Revitacare’s manufacturing plants, on the other hand, work in a 100% compliance with global standards in aesthetic medicine. Therefore, all of its professional anti-wrinkle filler injections are biologically compatible and of a non-animal origin. Its masterfully tailored Class III medical devices are produced in accordance with the Global Manufacturing Practices and the Cosmetic Manufacturing Practices. So, regardless of whether you decide to rely on its comprehensive line and wrinkle correction fillers or its risk-free hair restoration mesotherapy injections, side effects will be minimized and treatment effects – optimized. Browse Skin Heal’s catalog to find the Revitacare product that can meet your needs.

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