Zishel Group

Zishel Group is a world-class healthcare company that originates from South Korea and manufacturers innovative products such as cosmetics, suspension implants, perfumery and, most importantly, premium dermal fillers Zishel Rose. The latter is distributed by top online retailer and properly registered wholesaler Skin Heal. Visit our online store to find the company’s top-selling HA filler injections at a bargain price.

There are not many international healthcare businesses that are able to both keep up with the rapid pace with which the aesthetic medicine field has been evolving in the last few years and to stand out as a strong trendsetter in that very same market niche all at the same time. Zishel Group has mastered this feat to perfection and has now become a trusted manufacturer of first-class medical devices and anti-wrinkle filler injections in more than 52 countries. It works in close partnership with nearly 11,500 private clinics, over 23 medical chains and with at least 35 of the world’s biggest distributors. The result – its unique and highly advanced medical solutions have been used by tens of thousands of people in almost every corner of the planet. And this seems to be just the beginning because this ambitious healthcare giant wants to score $1.5 billion ASR in the upcoming year or so. Given that its outstanding Hyaluronic Acid skin fillers rank among the fastest-selling cosmetic rejuvenation solutions on Skin Heal’s convenient online store, it should have an easy time hitting that target as planned.

Speaking of Zishel Group’s effective filler injections, Zishel Rose, they easily illustrate the company’s expertise in aesthetic medicine. They were developed to address an incredibly vast spectrum of cosmetic problems – facial contouring and sculpting, correction of marionette lines, nasolabial folds, etc., restoration of volume in the midface, augmentation of cheeks and lip enhancement… These are just some of the indications covered by the company’s clinically tested soft-tissue fillers which are widely used in more than 30 countries. Zishel Group advertises its durable anti-aging filler injections as products that offer guaranteed premium quality and the reason for that is that they were designed with great attention to even to the tiniest details. For example, each box of Zishel Rose optimized Hyaluronic Acid gel implants features a selection of excellently designed needles. They range in size to ensure that each patient gets a carefully tailored skin rejuvenation treatment and they were manufactured in Belgium in complete accordance with the strictest global medical standards.

In more recent years, Zishel Group has perfected its production methods and technologies to such a great extent that their safe HA-based filler injections rarely lead to any side effects. And even when patients experience post-treatment swelling, its degree is significantly milder compared to that observed after treatment with some of its market rivals.

Pricewise, the company keeps things at a very reasonable level which further helps it to stand out in this highly competitive field of aesthetic medicine. But it is us, from Skin Heal, that sell Zishel Group’s pioneering cosmetic rejuvenation solutions at a shockingly affordable price.

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