If you think that modern HA-based injections are meant to be used only on patients with mature skin, Pluryal will easily challenge your way of thinking. This is a renowned cosmetic rejuvenation and skincare brand by Luxembourg-based company MD Skin Solutions. The latter is famous for designing and producing outstanding skin regeneration and anti-aging products and is a European ISO 13485 certified laboratory. Its Pluryal product range has managed to win the company worldwide recognition because of the versatility it offers. Why? Because it features quality Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers, groundbreaking antioxidant boosters, and specially tailored mesotherapy injectables. They are all available for purchase from Skin Heal and they can provide patients with young and aging skin with stunning results.

The long-lasting skin fillers by Pluryal can be used for the correction of medium to deep wrinkles and folds, cheek and chin enhancement, lip augmentation, nose reshaping and more. They contain highly purified Hyaluronic Acid which is completely dissolved in the soft tissue. Despite that, patients can still expect immediate results that last up to 16 months in some cases. These products were specially crafted to meet the unique needs of people with mature skin.

Pluryal Booster, on the other hand, does not discriminate when it comes to age. This revolutionary antioxidant skinbooster can work miracles for the skin of patients with young or mature skin. Using the power of antioxidants, it corrects small imperfections, restores the skin’s glow and smooths superficial lines.

This impressive and bold skincare brand is also not afraid to dip its toes into a different cosmetic sphere – mesotherapy. It’s diverse lineup also includes two safe mesotherapy products – Pluryal Meso I and Pluryal Meso II. The former revitalizes dry and aging skin by hydrating it and the latter tightness the skin of patients who are over the age of 40. To achieve that, both products rely on one-of-a-kind formulas based on non-animal HA and a mixture of highly important amino acids.

The product range of this innovative brand may be remarkably versatile but all items featured in it have one key thing in common – P.R.E.M.I.U.M. This is a production concept which stands for Pure, Reticulated, Elastic, Monophasic, Isotonic, User-friendly and Maximized effect. That is because every Pluryal injectable gel: 1) has undergone a thorough process of purification; 2) offers longer-lasting results; 3) improves skin’s elasticity; 4) has a dense monophasic structure; 5) does not irritate the soft tissues in which it is injected; 6) delivers smooth and easy injection; 7) dissolves slowly and gradually.

The quality skin fillers, boosters and mesotherapy injections from the Pluryal brand can be applied via injection to different areas not only of the face but of the body as a whole. They can reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and folds around the mouth and restore the shape or enhance the appearance of the nose, cheeks, chin and lips. When injected into the dorsum of hands, these products can also deliver a speedy hand rejuvenation treatment. The neck and decollate zones can too be successfully treated with these excellent skincare solutions.

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